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Good News

Montana Horse Sanctuary assisting with rescue of Rocky Acres horses

Although it's never good news when horses are abused, it's good news when
law enforcement takes action. We applaud the amazing efforts of the
Broadwater County Sheriff's Office, the Townsend Rodeo Club, our Sanctuary
volunteers, and the numerous donors who have dedicated thousands of hours,
money and probably a few buckets of sweat caring for the horses and other
animals confiscated from Rocky Acres.

On March 12, the Broadwater County Sheriff's Office seized 28 horses, one donkey, one hinny and 5 goats from Rocky Acres facility near Townsend. The Sheriff's office has asked our assistance in collecting donations from the public for the care of the seized animals which are being held in protective custody.

Montana Horse Sanctuary is supporting the sheriff's office and working closely with them. So far, we have provided them with volunteers and a $600 hay grant. The Sheriff's office has asked people who want to donate for care of the Rocky Acres animals to give through our Sanctuary because the county does not have a mechanism to handle donations. Costs incurred by the Sheriff's office include veterinary care, hay and supplemental feeds, dental treatment and all other costs associated with caring for underweight animals.

ALL donations for this effort, by law, must be spent as directed by the donor. Our board of directors, contract bookkeeper and accountant track all donations. We will continue to stay in close communication with the Sheriff Brenda Ludwig and will distribute donated funds to them as they arrive at the Sanctuary. You may donate by check or credit card. If you are writing a check, please put "Rocky Acres" on the memo line of the check. If donating by credit card please check the Rocky Acres designation box on our DonateNow page.

If you have questions please contact Board President Jane Heath at
info@montanahorsesanctuary.org. Thank you.





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Amazing Stallion Video
Please take a minute to watch this video of a wild stallion saving a filly from drowning. It will make you feel great all day long!

Go to: Amazing Video

Jane Heath
Executive Director
Montana Horse Sanctuary


Art for Horses' Sake!
Artist Diane Hausmann is helping Montana Horse Sanctuary horses with sales of her art. Diane owns Hausmann Studio in Fairfield and will have paintings and sculptures for sale which will benefit horses in need.

Meet Jake!
“Jake” is a beautiful bronze sculpture Diane created recently. "Jake" is cast in bronze in a limited edition of 36. He is 5-3/4 inches at the withers. He sells for $625. He is also for sale in a variety of horse colors as a painted resin sculpture for $40 or you can have Diane custom paint a Jake for $55 to match your favorite horse. A portion of the proceeds from Jake will go toward equine cruelty investigation training for law enforcement personnel.

Madison Oil, 12x16
Jake Oil, 12x16
Roxanne Oil, 12x16
Justin Oil, 12x16

Sanctuary residents in oil
Diane has created a series of original oil paintings of four of the Sanctuary horses: Madison, Roxanne, Jake and Justin (see attached). Each painting is 12x16 inches, framed and sells for $550. Diane will donate 20% of each painting sale to the Sanctuary.

Check out Diane's studio on Main Street in Fairfield or find her online at hausmannstudio.com

Our hats off to Diane for helping the horses!

Give great gifts and help horses!

A generous donor has given us a limited supply of horse motif salt 'n pepper shakers and tissue dispensers. We are able to offer these at prices far below retail with all proceeds going to Montana Horse Sanctuary. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend. Click for details.

Using fun to motivate change
Dear Horse Friends:
Below is a link to a site sponsored by Volkswagon that I think is brilliant. It was sent to me the the Helena Noetics Group. Please take a minute to view this site. I know it’s not about horses but it could be. This concept could be applied to all kinds of horse-care and horse-interaction behaviors. Let’s start putting our imaginations to work and find FUN ways to help horse owners change their unwanted behaviors like not cleaning their horse waterers or water tanks, cleaning the corrals, slowing down while pulling their horse trailers, keeping their elderly horses instead of sending them down the road, the list is endless. If you come up with a FUN way to help horse people change their behavior in a way that will positively affect horses, please send it to us. If you come up with a really great idea, we’ll send you a sanctuary t-shirt, cap or travel mug.

This website has 3 great examples of "thinking-out-of-the-box." The questions to ask ourselves is, how can we make it fun? Who knows, fun may be as powerful a motivator as fear, with much happier results.


Happy Trails,
Jane Heath
Executive Director
Montana Horse Sanctuary
Simms, MT 59477
(406) 264-5300

Look at these FUN ideas!
When we posted the recent challenge above to horse people about making horse activities fun, we started receiving some great ideas. Click here to find out how other horse people are making horse care and training fun. If you'd like us to consider your FUN idea, send it to the sanctuary at info@montanahorsesanctuary.org. If your idea is chosen you win a cap, travel mug or sanctuary t-shirt.

Here's a book a book about horses that will tug at your heartstrings! A portion of the proceeds will go to the Montana Horse Sanctuary when you enter TMHS code in the order form.

"The Magic is not to Whisper to a Horse, but to Listen..." –R.T. Fitch

"Straight from the Horse's Heart"
A Spiritual Ride through Love,
Loss and Hope by R.T. Fitch

The fact is, you can learn a lot from a horse. Whether or not you are a fan of horses, these vignettes, of which there are thirty in all, celebrate the very best breeds of human and horse. Through tales of life, death, and spirituality, these deeply felt and beautifully wrought tales prove to be a superb collection of horse-related experiences. From the poetic symmetry of “I Thought It Was the Right Thing To Do” to the fierce loyalty of “She Stole My Heart” and “Whispers in the Night,” the author does something incredibly special with language and human’s relationships with the equine family. He rides at breakneck speed to the place where each of us wants to learn about ourselves. He takes his readers to a tender spot where he has learned to listen to the soft nickering voice of a horse. A must-read for anyone who has ever desired to explore his or her inner self, here is destiny and passion, fortitude and faith.

ORDER NOW: http://www.rtfitch.com 1-800-974-FOTH
NOTE: If you enter TMHS in the comment box, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Montana Horse Sanctuary. (A big thank you to R.T. Fitch for his generosity from the Montana Horse Sanctuary.)

Outreach and conversations with law enforcement:
As we all know, the number of unwanted, abandoned and in-crisis horses is growing rapidly due to the economy, rising hay prices and other factors. In Montana, the sheriff in each county is the person with sole authority to confiscate abused and neglected horses. In an effort to ascertain how the Sanctuary and other rescues can assist sheriffs' offices, we have begun an outreach program. We are opening the lines of communication and seeking solutions to the unwanted horse issue and related topics such as cost of custodial care, foster homes, liability, permanent placement of confiscated horses and other pertinent issues.

Other Good News: The generous people who have made donations to support Montana Horse Sanctuary. Thank you!

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