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Support Montana Horse Sanctuary and make your car or truck the best-dressed one in the neighborhood!

License Plate

You can help the horses by purchasing a Sanctuary plate for your vehicle. The next time you visit your local DMV to register or renew your vehicle tags, ask for Sanctuary plates. Then, $20 of each registration and renewal is sent to the Sanctuary. The money is used for our horse care and expansion fund and allows us to provide shelter and rehabilitation to horses in need. You may purchase your plates now or on your annual renewal date and you may personalize your plate with up to six letters.

If you live out of state you may purchase collector license plates for $30 each including shipping. For more information, contact Montana Horse Sanctuary at (406) 264-5300.

The Sanctuary thanks artist Janene Grende of Sandpoint, Idaho, for creating the artwork "Chasing the Sun" which has made our license plate so eye-catching. See more of Janene’s artwork at http://www.janenegrende.com/

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