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Meet the Horses:

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Age 18, Paint mare

Bella has patience and great ground manners. This calm, darling mare was part of the herd owned by Randi Lamont of Great Falls who pleaded guilty to animal abuse. Lamont relinquished her horses to Cascade County. Bella and her herdmates were malnourished but she's now back in the pink of health. She's shiny and gorgeous!

When Bella arrived at the Sanctuary, she had some large, deep scars on her back. Our veterinarian feels these scars would be irritated to the point of pain by a saddle. So, while she may not have a future as a saddle horse, she is the ideal pasture pal and best friend.


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(Adoption fee: $150)

Age 23, Appaloosa/Belgian gelding

Tino's name is short for Valentino because he is such a big sweetheart. Though he's 16 hands and about 1,500 pounds, Tino is a gentle lovebug! In his previous home, Tino was ridden often in the mountains and was best pals with his owner's grandchildren. He has arthritis in his right front foot which prevents him from being ridden much but he'd be happy to give the grandkids a slow ride. Tino needs a person who will love him forever. This big guy has a tender heart and much love to give. He adores humans and is friendly to everyone.

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(Adoption fee: $150)

Age 29, Thoroughbred

Samantha was part of a herd of abused ex-racehorses owned by Lisa Cano, near Great Falls. The herd was confiscated in Cascade County in 2011.

Samantha is a calm, gentle soul who loves people and other horses. Samantha is no longer a saddle horse but is ready to be best friends forever.



Age 7, Paint cross

Roxanne is now a young saddle horse and ready for a forever home with a rider who has experience with green horses. Roxanne has spent a total of 4 months in training with Jess Holloway of Bozeman. She is quiet and gentle and has great potential for a long career as a saddle horse. Roxanne is about 14.3 hands and average build. She is willing and adapts well to new situations. She loves trail riding and is friendly with all humans and other horses. In general, she's an adaptable mare.

Roxanne originally came to the Sanctuary in 2009 as a weanling. She had been rescued from a herd of malnourished horses. The owner had been keeping them on a diet of only Wonderbread and Twinkies! Rehabilitation has brought her to this point -- healthy, beautiful and ready to ride!


Sally and Jazz


Sally and Jazz are inseparable. We believe they are mother and daughter, Sally being the mom and about 20 years old. Jazz is about 15 years old. These two little girls are a hoot! We love their breakfast and dinner brays and all the greetings and conversation in between. They are funny and sweet and just so doggone cute.

Both came from the Hot Springs rescue in 2009. They enjoyed a wonderful adoptive home after the rescue but the adopter had serious health issues and returned them to us. They are ready for a fun, loving forever home. Let them light up your life.



Madison moved to her new home in early summer 2016. She was adopted by the same woman who adopted Penny. Madison and Penny were great friends at the Sanctuary and it took them less than a day to reconnect. Their person says they are inseparable and enjoying a quiet retirement and lots of love.

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(Not available for adoption)

Age 9, Paint Horse

Sundance was part of the Cano herd of abused horses. He was a stallion when he was confiscated by Cascade County. The Sanctuary subsequently had him gelded. Sundance has a neurological impairment due to an old neck injury. He's unsteady on his feet and usually a bit unsure of people. He always tries his hardest to balance, think clearly and trust his caretakers. He has a truly courageous heart and is a special guy. Because of his neurological condition he is not available for adoption.

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(Not yet available for adoption)

Age 8, Quarter Horse cross

We first met Willow during the Hot Springs rescue in 2011. She was adopted by a woman who later returned her to the Sanctuary for financial reasons. Willow is a smart, sensitive mare. In the spring 2013 she will spend time with a professional trainer, getting started under saddle. She has great potential to bond closely when she eventually finds her forever person.

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(Not yet available for adoption)

Age 4, Thoroughbred cross

This little beauty is growing like a wild flower! As part of the Cano abused horse herd, she arrived at the Sanctuary underweight and malnourished. But time, care and excellent nutrition have made her blossom into a healthy girl. Simone is a sweet, funny youngster who has a few mischievous tricks up her sleeve. She is learning to enjoy =her "pedicure" when the farrier trims her feet. Each session she gets a little better. And thankfully, we have a patient, quiet farrier!

When she's big enough, Simone will spend time with a professional trainer and get started under saddle. We already know she will become a great saddle horse.

In Loving Memory


Sanctuary Co-Founder


We had a timely but sad passing here at the Sanctuary in the Spring of 2013. Sage, the mustang who was the real Sanctuary founder, died at age 31. Although he was our third rescued horse, Sage is the one who made us aware of in-crisis horses in need of rescue and Montana's need for a horse Sanctuary.

Four years before the Sanctuary became official (2000), Sage joined our family. He came to us from a woman who truly no longer wanted him. She believed he was seriously lame and miserable. She said she had caretaker's fatigue. And while caretaker's fatigue is an actual problem, I could hear Sage telling me he wasn't ready for the euthanasia appointment she had scheduled him for the next day. His owner/caretaker decided she would be willing to let us give him another chance. Sage never took a lame step, had the heart of a well, mustang, and carried us safely over many miles in the hills and mountains around Helena. He allowed several of our friends to take riding lessons on him and was stellar with young children. All in all, he was the horse of a lifetime. Sage decided around 2008 that it was time to "hang up his saddle" and enjoy real retirement. We were more than happy to grant his wish.

Sage welcomed many horses to the Sanctuary and spent time with his dear friends in our own herd especially Dancer, his best pal and fellow jokester.

In the Fall of 2012, Sage started to decline when a rear molar became abscessed. The molar was too far back for the vet to remove without extensive surgery. We talked it over with Sage and he said he just wasn't up to it. So we treated him with antibiotics, acupuncture, herbs, nutrients, craniosacral therapy and lots of love. The abscess abated and he began to thrive again 2012-13 Winter, only to suddenly begin losing weight along with unexplained pain and quivering in his shoulders and front legs that standard anti-inflammatories couldn't relieve. He began to lie down too much for a horse who never laid down for more than a quick roll. Vic and I agreed "it was time." Sage had simply run out of life. Our beloved vet, Dr. Grant Smith from Great Falls, compassionately helped Sage leave this life.

Sage, we will always remember how you loved putting both front feet on the gates and bouncing, being our resident locksmith and standing out in really cold wind and saying, "Wow, is this a great day or what." Thank you for the many miles and the abundant love and wisdom you shared with us.

jake and georgiaJake and Georgia

In fall 2013, we said a sad and final goodbye to Jake and Georgia. Though we were never completely certain of their ages, we estimated Jake was 35 and Georgia 34. Both had simply run out of energy and were ready to leave. They were kindly put down by our veterinarian, Dr. Grant Smith, of Great Falls. Jake had been at the Sanctuary for 7 years and Georgia 5 years. Both are deeply missed. We thank all our donors and Jake’s and Georgia’s sponsors for helping the Sanctuary give them great care and a safe, beloved retirement.






After a serious bout of colic, Benjamin left us in December 2007 at age 36. He left lots of devoted equine and human friends. The Sanctuary horses who loved him most were Jake, Isaac and Coral. Visitors to the Sanctuary often decided Benjamin was their favorite. He was a smart, sassy and mischievous guy who liked to find escape routes from pastures and leadropes held by unsuspecting handlers. Benjamin was quite the ladies’ man and appealed to mares, girls and women alike. We all miss you Ben!


When Teddy joined the Sanctuary in 2004 we knew he’d endured a lot of unfortunate treatment which had left him somewhat troubled and at times distrustful. During the next three years Teddy overcame huge obstacles mentally and emotionally and became friendly and gentle. He also became healthy, gaining around 250 pounds in the first 10 weeks at the Sanctuary.

In late 2007, Teddy started to slowly spiral downward and clearly became sad and distrustful. He began to incessantly chase his pasturemates. In mid-2008 he began to exhibit dangerous behaviors including biting and lunging without any provocation. After much discussion among the staff, board of directors, five veterinarians and Sanctuary volunteers, we made the terribly difficult decision to euthanize Teddy. Teddy, you are greatly missed and we wish you an eternity of peace and happiness.


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