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Sponsor a Horse!

Would you like to make a measurable difference for a particular Sanctuary horse? You can sponsor specific horses for any donation amount with the minimum being $15. It costs the Sanctuary from $2,000 to $6,000 a year to care for one horse, depending on needed veterinary services, rehab needed, foot care, special nutritional needs, training and so forth. Usually our residents costs more to care for in their first year at the ranch because that's usually when the most intensive rehabilitation is taking place. When young horses are ready to spend time learning to be saddle horses, they have expenses associated with training.

A Sponsorship of any amount helps.

Here's what you get:
A thank you note from the horse and a certificate naming you as the sponsor. You can even give a friend or loved one a sponsorship. If you'd like to make your sponsorship a monthly donation, you can do that through our DonateNow page.

Pick the horse you want to sponsor:
Click here to go to our Meet the Horses page. Choose the horse you want to sponsor and let us know. You can make your donation via our DonateNow page or send a check to:

Montana Horse Sanctuary
P.O. Box 10
Simms, MT 59477

Where does the money go?
All sponsorship donations go directly to the horse you choose. None of your sponsorship donation is used for administration or overhead. If that horse is adopted or passes on, we will notify you so that you can choose another horse to sponsor.

Am I the only sponsor for that horse?
Most of our horses have at least one sponsor and some, like Jake and Roxanne, have several sponsors.

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